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A Map of Parkinson's App


A user-friendly app about Parkinson’s and around 50 symptoms commonly linked with the condition.

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A Map of Parkinson's App

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What is A Map of Parkinson's APP?

A user-friendly app about Parkinson’s and around 50 symptoms commonly linked with the condition.

Learn in any order, at the speed you want, at times that suit you. Every person with Parkinson's is different and their personal collection of symptoms will also be very individual. So, this Map of Parkinson's lets you explore a wide range of symptoms and select what interests you to learn more about.
This Map is for people living with Parkinson’s, their family, friends and others who want to understand the condition better. Ideas about methods that can be used to compliment medical treatments are shared in the pages of this Map.
The information in this Map is not intended to be taken as medical advice and any questions about medical treatments must be discussed with a person’s own doctor or healthcare team.
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